#VP-7329 PICCANINNY DOLLS Pattern - Photocopy

We realize the word "PICCANINNY"  is viewed as offensive  in this day and age. The terminology of the word has a historical value in reference to a place and time long ago where is was acceptable. These dolls are  absolutely charming and were loved as piccaninny  dollies by many little children long ago as well as today.

Complete sewing directions Boy and Girl PICCANINNY dolls, 17 inches high. Includes instructions for hair and clothing .

PICCANINNY DOLLS  made by Doll Artist,Edath Feston, from this pattern.  With the same PICCANINNY DOLLS pattern, "Beach Baby" Doll showed here (made by Doll Artist Edath Feston) was made by adding a little needle sculpture and changing her feet so she could wear flip-flops.  Click on pictures.


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