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Sue Sizemore, Nationally Known Artist, has had her dolls featured in the book American Contemporary Doll Artists and Their dolls by Kathryn Witt. Sue has a natural talent for making and painting both Vintage and Contemporary Style Cloth Dolls which she shares with you in her patterns. African American Dolls and Patterns by Sue Sizemore are highly sought after by doll makers and collectors!

You may sell your completed dolls from these quality photo patterns as long as you list  "Sue Sizemore Designs" as credit for the doll pattern!



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#SSP2 Honesty

A Baby Toddler Doll
Pattern is  for a 25" antique looking baby toddler doll a  with gusseted rounded head. Pattern also  includes a  basic dress and bloomers. Illustrations and Instructions include a page of step by step color photos of painting features and methods on using  fabric stiffener and antiquing medium.
Cloth Hitty Doll/Dress Pattern
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#SSP3 Cloth Hitty Doll/Dress Pattern

4 1/4 inch  Painted Cloth Hitty Doll offered by Artist Sue Sizemore. Included as a bonus in the pattern is a PAPER  HITTY DOLL  and her little dress drawn by Sue Sizemore.
Isabella 25" Folk Art Cloth DollIsabella 25" Folk Art Cloth Doll
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#SSP1 Isabella 25" Folk Art Cloth Doll

Pioneer style painted cloth doll. The pattern comes with an extra photo of a closer view of her face, and the cover photo too. A page of hand drawn illustrations to show different parts of the pattern making and drawing process.

This doll has a center seam face, and includes painting and sanding instructions. A dress, slip , bloomer and eyelet bonnet pattern that is simple and easy to make!
Shelf Sitters
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#SSP8 Shelf Sitters

Pattern by Sue Sizemore  to make two  7" painted shelf sitters. Instructions to make each using  either acrylic or oil paint. Slightly weighted with pellets on the base. Easy and fun to do.
Baby Brooke
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#SSP9 Baby Brooke

An  unpainted 16"  cloth baby doll. Pattern  comes with a page of 6 photos showing color crayon method and hair application.
IRMA the Dragon Fly Fairy
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#SSP11 IRMA the Dragon Fly Fairy

This  Dragonfly Fairy is  18" in length. When doll is made to sit she is 8" from bottom to top of her head, not including her headdress.
Pattern has instructions to make her with illustrations and needle
sculpting the face, wiring the hands, making the wings, ribbon shoes
and even the dragonfly out of clay. Six pages of instructions, 3 pages
of actual pattern, supply list and cover with color photo.
Baby Fawn
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#SSP6 Baby Fawn

This pattern  is to make a 19" baby cloth doll with needle sculpted face. Instructions on how to work with  tibetan lambskin for her hair.  Pattern includes baby's dress, bloomers, bonnet with ruffle and bootie socks. Two full pattern pages and lots of instructions and hand drawn illustrations.

Lilly and RoseLilly and Rose
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#SSPCD5 Lilly and Rose

Pattern with CD photos by Sue Sizemore 

This pattern is for two painted cloth black baby dolls,  Baby Rose  (20") and Lilly (7").  Pattern has a  4 x 6 color photograph on cover of the two dolls  and includes instructions with illustrations. Two full size  11"x 17" fold out patterns for both dolls and a 30 step by step full color photos on a CD.  A pictorial "face painting lesson" you can use over and over again for practice in making and painting your own dolls.

Sample of what's on the CD 

Lillysample6  Lillysample5  Lillysample4

Lillysample3   Lillysample2  Lillysample1    
Little Tammy
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#SSP10 Little Tammy

Little Tammy is a knit soft sculpted toddler doll. The pattern includes how to make her dress, bloomers and bonnet. She is 10" seated, 15" in curved leg total length. Make a couple with each slightly different as shown in the pattern picture.
Spiderrella  Witch Doll
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#SSP12 Spiderrella Witch Doll

8" Witch Doll
She is a creepy little witch doll with a sculpted nose and bendable fingers. Painting instructions for her ooh so "Witch-eey" face and teeth!



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