Create With Me - Summer 2011
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#CWMSum2011 Create With Me - Summer 2011

Get ready to cozy up with your kids and the Winter 2012 issue of Create With Me. The articles cover a complete spectrum—from fabric and wearable art to paint, papier mâche, card making, and bedroom décor—and there is something for every age group. Adult artists will enjoy reading articles by Mindy Lacefield, Lori Oles, and Laura Bray, and kids will simply delight in the exciting projects and fun photography. Make this winter an inspiring one for your kids with Create With Me
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Designing a Doll and Making Faces Inspriation
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#PH-2 Designing a Doll and Making Faces Inspriation

Book By Pamela Hastings 2002

Throughout this book you will be given suggestions and excercises for going off and making dolls all your own. With the help of this book you will have LOTS of your very own designs to sell or give as gifts!

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The Dweebs Pattern Book
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#VR-D The Dweebs Pattern Book

This book has patterns for the popular pin dolls by Virginia Robertson. The dolls are created from beads and stuffed fabric tubes. If you are a bead lover, you will love this book
FYI: the description is that this is a book, to me it resembles to be more like a pattern.
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Doll Making as a Transformative Process
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#PH - TP Doll Making as a Transformative Process

This book contains dolls and stories from 20 artists in addition to Pamela, patterns, inspiration, and ideas for using doll making to change your own life and the world. 104 pages, color cover and insert. Praised by doll makers and art therapists from Canada to Australia, and of course, in the US, too.

"Oh, my, my, my, I LOVE this book, so brave and sweet and generous." Lani Gerity (art therapist)

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Reproduction of the 1929 book, The Sew-It Book.  Things to make with needle & thread and odds & ends.  17 projects including a child's apron, smock, sun bonnet, rag doll and Kimono-type jacket. Techniques include sewing, embroidery, doll dress pattern making and tie-dying. 47-page hardback book with an embossed cover. A keepsake treasure with darling graphics that will charm sewers and quilters, young and old! This is a New Book.   Retails for $20.00

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Yo-Yo Fashions BookYo-Yo Fashions Book
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#NB2 Yo-Yo Fashions Book

by Indygo Junction
Inspired by Clover's new Quick Yo-yo makers.  Our Yo-Yo Fashions book offers a collection of inspiring designs and projects; belts, bags, jeans, sweaters, jackets, t-shirts and jewelry. The fabrics featured include cotton, silk, rayon and velvet in contemporary styling with simple yet sophisticated results. 22 projects, 48 full colour pages. Full-size patterns included. - Retails for $20.00

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Toys To Sew BookToys To Sew Book
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#NB3 Toys To Sew Book

Book is by Claire Garland and features dozens of patterns for Dolls, Animals, Doll Clothes, and Accessories . 


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by Virginia Robertson

This book features wings for angels, fairies and other mythical creatures. Techniques, designs and patterns are included in this well written idea book.  A liberal use of diagrams and illustrations make the process very clear. Some of the techniques that are included are shadow applique, machine applique, wire armatures, fabric painting, and quilting.  Several sizes of wing patterns are included for use on your dolls. Retails for $20.00



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