Working with Mohair by Angela Drake - Artist, Emily's Fairies - One of a Kind Sculptures

To make hair curly, I take the mohair and dip it into a cup of water. After it is completely soaked I lift it out of the cup, squeeze access water out of it, and spread a liberal layer of gel over it. I use aloe vera gel on it because the normal hair gel will leave small white flakes on the hair after it dries. Then I brush the wet hair again. This separates the hair into strands. Then I scrunch the wet hair bunch and lay it on a towel to dry.

To make it more curly, take the scrunched hair and place it on the towel straight down. Letting the bunch fold in on itself. It looks like a mound of hair.
To make the hair wavy, not as curly, lay the wet hair loose scrunched out on the towel in a straight line. To make the wavy hair even straighter, don't scrunch the hair at all. Lay the wet hair on the towel in a straight line keeping it taught as you place it on the towel and pressing hard with your fingers. To make the hair EVEN straighter, brush the hair out when you first get it, then iron it. It will get very straight!

Tips on making mohair straight/wavy :

I would suggest laying it on a towel to dry first, then if it is still to wavy, iron it.
Lay the towel on a hard surface. Thoroughly saturate the mohair with water and brush it to get the snarls out after you dip it in the water. I would suggest twisting the top of the mohair bunch and holding it very tightly as you brush it. This will eliminate the chance of half of the mohair being brushed out. =) Also, I use a brush that has less spikes then a full brush. Douse the hair with gel then lay it on the towel pulling it taught as you do so. Press your fingers again the hair rubbing it as straight as you can. The wet hair is pretty pliable and almost "grabs" onto the towel, keeping it into place. After it dries, it is straight with a slight ripple, wavy look. I think the towel drying method would work. If it is still too wavy, then yes, you can iron it to get a more straight/ripple look too.

To iron the hair you can control the level of straightness by the pressure that you place on the hair with the iron. If you press the iron hard on the hair, pulling the hair taught as you do so, keeping the hair taught as it cools, then you can get a VERY straight look. The very straight hair is harder to manage when you place it on smaller dolls because it tends to stick out. It doesn't form to the dolls face as well. I have still used it though and have gotten a really nice effect. Here is a picture of one of my fairies that I used the straight hair on. Notice the very slight wave ~ I didn't press as hard on the hair. Also, the thicker the bunch of hair you are trying to iron, the less straight it will be, as it is harder for heat to penetrate a thicker bunch versus a smaller one.

This picture below shows the different methods I've used on the hair ~

The hair on the right I scrunched and let it dry more loosely. The middle hair I bought white, then dyed it with koolaid. It came out too bright so I haven't used it. Anyway... I ironed this hair to make it straight. The hair on the left is the wavy hair that I ordered from pearl moon and this is what is looks like fresh from the package. This is one bunch of the 3-4 that come in a package. Sometimes I don't do anything to the hair and just use it like this. =)

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