Making Fingers by Judi Ward of Judi's Dolls

When making fingers that you are going to stuff with chenille stems, use the largest size you can get into the finger when the stem is folded in half. Insert one folded stem into each finger, guiding it down with a stuffing needle or stuffing fork. The "tines" on the fork or needle need to be very short, so they don't catch in the fabric. Keep the full length of the chenille stems, and after they are all in the fingers, wrap the long ends that are up in the arm very tightly with thread to make a "bone" in the arm. You can then pose the wrist and for some dolls you can even pose the elbows, when the stems go past the elbow. For some small dolls the long ends may be too long, so you will need to shorten them so they don't go past the shoulder area.

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