Hang Tags and making them unique by Sherrie Nordgren of SandSpurPatch

Gathering your supplies:

But before you spend a small fortune on supplies, look through the things you have on hand…items like buttons, small rusty cutouts, fabric, yarn, etc., can all give your tags your own special style! Surf the web for prim, Victorian, folk art, modern, etc., pictures, graphics and print them out.

I bought in Walmart ... 3 cheap but nice rubber stamps, Dragon Fly, Hand Made By, Celestial Sun , Package of Vintage looking stickers, pastel chalk,
All for under ten dollars.

Came home and created several Tags...I will be placing them here to show you

Look through an assortment of stickers, rubber stamps, die cuts and other bits and pieces, You can also find CDs of primitive and vintage graphics on line (check Ebay) as well as great prim rubber stamps.

To age your Tags


Tea Aged

I used instant coffee/cinnamon strong solution in a pan of water. If you'd like a lighter age/dye use tea bags.

Bring to a boil. Turn off burner and place 6 tags at a time into the mixture.
Then take tags out of mixture and lay on foil, or cookie sheet, Take a paper towel and just wipe all the tags. I usually do a dozen at a time or more, you do not have to, you do any number you like. I at this time also add my jute or string to be aged at the same time. I then place them in a preheated oven of 250 for 8-15 minutes watching them non stop.

Tie some jute, yarn, homespun or ribbon or whatever else you'd like to use for a string.

What to do with the curl:

If your tags curl, you can flatten them ...I used canned veggies and sat them on top of a (3-4)stack of the Tags:) Using pictures I ran a hot iron over very quickly, and they flattened out nicely. While some wrinkling and curling is a nice touch, you will need them fairly flat in order to work on them.

What to Buy For Supplies:

  • Tags…I used bigger ones, 5" long and 2 -1/2"wide.
  • instant coffee/cinnamon or tea for dying
  • foil or old cookie sheets
  • Jute or string
  • (Your choice) Rubber Stamps, or Stickers or Letter Stamps
  • Black ink pad
  • Rubber Stamps and you will use Letter Stamps a lot
    Get them at Walmart Lettering Stamps the whole alphabet for $9.99
  • Copies of old photos and clip art…I printed mine out of my computer, but you could also make digital copies of actual photos. Stickers give you a huge variety of creation also.
  • Other stamps, black permanent pen, etc. as desired
  • Glue


Place Tag in front of you..
Now pick the picture.. stamp... sticker ...buttons what ever you choose..
Place that beside your tag..
Now be clever and think what you'd like it to say...Use a word or saying that you feel bests describes Item or Doll, using a picture and or either stamped it on with the letter stamps, or for longer sayings, or descriptions I write them on with the permanent black pen.
Be sure to plan the saying out on your tag before actually stamping or writing!
Small stamped or drawn doodles, stars or hearts can fill in any blank spots

This is an Art Tag Vintage Style

I took the dried, aged Tag. and create a back ground of color. I used chalk with these. Then took a picture I printed out and cut the pictures to fit on the tags and glued them on. I glued with good OLE Elm er's. and them used gel pens to high light the picture and chose a word or saying and also descriptions I felt described the doll I either stamped it on with the letter stamps
Or: or longer sayings, wrote them on with the permanent black pen.
When finished I sprayed a sealant on the tag so the chalk and gel pens will be sealed

Prim Folk Art Tag

Shown here a Prim Folk Art Tag... which is aged...string attached... No background. Used letter stamps for words: Fast n Simple

I hope you have enjoyed this "mini class" on the basics of Tag Making.

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