Sewing on Knit Fabric by Jackie

Having trouble sewing on knit fabric?

You need a ball point needle on knitted fabrics. The regular needles are sharp & are able to separate the threads on a woven fabric, going down into the hole the separations makes, & not cause the threads to break. Consequently smooth sewing. With knitted fabric the needle needs to be able to basically do the same thing, but because the threads are a continuous filament a sharp needle will break the threads, causing a run. The rounded point lets the needle slide down around this thread. Again for smooth sewing. I know that Singer needles have a yellow band needle (all sizes) for knitted fabrics. And a red band needle, (again all sizes) for woven fabrics. I'm sure the other brands carry those different needles also, as it is necessary to use the right needle for any given fabric. Also use the right size needle for the weight of your fabric. And adjust your stitch length for different fabrics. There is a lot written about needles now. I'm sure you can seek advise from your local fabric store. Happy doll making.


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