Working with Mohair by Bettsi McComb, Tender Arts

What I usually do is take a hank of mohair twice as long as I want the doll's hair to be and then I measure the doll's head from where her hairline should begin to where it should end in the back. Picture parting a little girl's hair in order to make pigtails, that is how long your scrap of body fabric will be. Lay the mohair centered over the scrap and put the unit under your presser foot and sew the hair to the scrap.

Use tiny stitches, after all, you want it to look like a natural part in her hair and not sewn stitches. Trim away the sides of your scrap and tack the "wig" to your doll's head. You will want to do this after you have done your needle sculpting on the face. As you arrange the hair, you may need to use more tacking stitches.
Of course, you may choose to use glue for attaching the hair, but for the purist, stitching is always preferred. Sometimes I just hold the mohair over the doll's head and use tiny hand stitches to attach it directly.

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