Gathered Skirt by Kelsey Perth, Western Australia

When doing a gathered skirt for a doll, zigzag over a strong length of cotton (upholstery thread or doubled quilting thread) being careful not to catch the thread. Then place the skirt on the doll and pull up the cotton that's enclosed in the zigzag stitch and tie off. Adjust the gathers around the waist and stitch the skirt to the doll. (This is instead of the usual double stitched line of gathering stitches.) I also use this same technique to do the gathered bits on the top and bottom of gathered sleeves. Another way is instead of using strong cotton, I cut a 1cm wide piece of nylon lycra (swimsuit fabric) in a matching or contrasting color to the skirt material, pull it so it rolls in on itself (like a thin rouleau strap) and zigzag over this. When you pull this up you can tie it in a bow and make the skirt removable as you can undo it and take it off if you want.


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