Doll Display by Sue Nance - Glittering Threads

I have been making dolls I would guess you would say Professionally (selling, doing shows, wholesaling etc..) since I was 21 and I'm 55 now... so having gone full circle from Porcelain to Cloth and all around again... I learned a long time ago that display was as important as the doll!

So in this discussion I could write a small novel but I'll open it up and maybe some others will jump in with there methods.

My least favorite is the metal ones!! YOU know the ones I am talking about but if that is the only thing around at least cover the base to match your dolls dress, padded with a little batting or stuffing and a simple sleeve of fabric on the rod in the back. It makes a huge difference..TRY IT!!

My favorite is to take one or two squares of wood ( I use up to three depending on weight and size of doll!!) Ok so say you have two squares of wood ( ex for a 18-20" doll I would use about a 5 or 6" square of 1/2 wood) take a ruler and find center , draw a "X" with a pencil. Now about two thirds or behind that "X" drill a hole to the size of a dowel rod ( 1/2" is about average). now wood glue these two boards together allow to dry overnight. If you are displaying a light cloth doll then you only have to glue a dowel rod into this hole, put if doll is porcelain or a heavy cloth doll then use about a 1-1/2" sheet metal screw and predrill a hole into your hole thru the second ( bottom piece) and insert screw from bottom into the dowel rod with glue and this will hold up any doll.

NOW to decorate I use a staple gun and fabric cut larger than my square and a little batting ( cutting small X to go over the dowel) and work over and staple on bottom , then pressing a bottom piece or you can use a piece of self adhesive felt to cover the bottom, then make a simple tube of the same fabric and slide that over your dowel rod which should be cut to about shoulder blade height of your doll. now slip this rod up the back of the doll and I use one or two pieces of elastic tied around doll and rod ( this is under the clothes) and walla....done doll is secure and all coordinated .

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